Global Leaders
Trenchless Pipeline Renewal and Repair

RS Technik fully structural pipe
rehabilitation solutions made with Dow™
Technology renew deteriorated water mains,
transmission lines, force mains
and gravity sewers.

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RS Technik is the global leader in mobile cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology the most universally accepted trenchless repair method in use today. And, since the emphasis placed on environmentally safe solutions has never been greater, RS Technik is in a unique position to immediately repair your aging and deteriorated pipes using proven 'green' technology.

So what sets us apart?
RS Technik has been providing a comprehensive suite of pipe rehabilitation solutions for over 15 years. Our equipment is leading edge, our installation approach ... unique, and our materials ... environmentally safe.

Development and use of every RS Technik solution is fundamentally grounded in providing proven, effective and reliable alternatives to restore gravity and pressure sewer, water and industrial pipe infrastructures.